The Definition of each Layer of Love

We all deserve to be able to live life to the fullest. To wake up each morning looking forward to a day filled with love, purpose, new wonders and the opportunity to discover caring people. A life where we strive to share the best of ourselves and in turn get the best from others. To accomplish this we must to first fully understand how love works. Love is not just a feeling…it is so much more than that. Love is multi-layered and each layer builds upon the others to complete this most wonderful expression of what we hold dear. Let’s explore each layer together to learn love’s secret to living life to the fullest.

Silver Heart Earrings“Love of Self”

This is a love that starts from within and radiates out. To fully learn to love, we must first start by loving ourselves. This heart tells about our personal strengths and desires.

We all spend too much time focusing in on what we do not like about ourselves. We need to start to acknowledge and appreciate all the wonderful things about ourselves that make us who we are. We all have amazing features – physically, emotionally and spiritually – that make us unique and special. If we do not learn to love and take care of ourselves, why should anybody else? This is our most challenging quest.


Sterling Silver Earrings“Love of Others”

Closest to our heart is our love of others. This heart celebrates and connects us to those who passionately enrich our lives.

Each of us has so much to offer the people that fill our heart. We share tender moments, companionship, memories, advice, secrets and in bad times, our fears and losses. We embrace these loved ones and empower them to make our lives better. They have earned our trust and belong in this important second layer.


Inspiring Jewelry“Love of the World & All its Wonders”

This love celebrates the things of beauty and joy that surround us everyday and demonstrates how they are all intertwined. We must cherish all things great and small – from the majesty of a mountain to ski, to the simple elegance of a single butterfly. These things fill our heart with magnificence and wonder.

There is so much in this world that is beautiful. Sometimes we forget to realize this. If we do not take the time to notice all the greatness that surrounds us, we will only see what is ugly and bad. Why focus on the negative things when the world has provided us with such great splendor to enjoy?


Sterling Silver Hearts“Love of Spirit”

Forever encircling the multi layers of love, this heart is unselfish and pure. It is a love that engulfs and protects the human spirit, a love that we can feel but never hold. This layer inspires each of us to become a better person. Love of Spirit reminds us to never give up hope.

Our inner voice will guide us in the right direction – listen to it. Whether we are inspired by religion, amulets and charms, astrology or a voice from beyond, this love will always be with us when we need it. Remember to spend a moment and embrace this layer that completes our heart and allows us to live life to the fullest.